Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Night

As promised, photo of finished table topper from my class. I plan to make a few more -- it was pretty easy (considering) and I like it quite a bit. That quilt as you go thing is sure handy!

I promise (pretty much) not to bore everyone to death (any more than I already do) with photos of my granddaughter, but this is a photo of my grandson, Ricky, holding his little sister for the very first time. No smile you say? Heck no!! He's terrified he's going to drop her or break her (and I so way understand!).

I think I'll just frog tonight. Not sure what I want to start on next, and so perhaps I'll take a night off!

Back of OBW

This is a super lousy image of the back of my OBW. I used some black on black fabric and "framed" it with the original fabric from my OBW -- I didn't have enough of either to do a full backing, so I improvised! I had plenty of blocks left over, but since this will be quilted on a long arm, my friend Nan, who will be teaching me to do the long arm quilting, said that the back needed as few seams as possible. Obviously those left over OBW blocks will have PLENTY of seams, so this seemed like a better idea. I will probably make a pillow out of the leftover blocks.
I did finish the binding on my table runner. Not sure who it's for, but I plan to make at least 2 more just like it in Christmas fabrics for my bosses. It was late and I was tired when I finished, so photo will go up when I get home tonight.
I also need to get started on some paper pieced numbers and letters for a gift for a family member (can't be more specific here!), as well as my Carol Doak BOM. This year she is doing "scenic" BOMs and I love the first two. I also got my butterfly and pink fabric in the mail last night (I am so addicted to thousands of bolts!!) and want to make myself a quilter's tote from my fabric and my Mom a purse from the pink. I also want to make a quilter's tote (or 2) for a couple of quilty friends, but I haven't picked out fabrics yet. Another plan is to take the fabric that I bought at Quiltfest and make a quilt for my daughter -- it's a bit more toned down. I am still in the process of frogging the Mega Sudoku I made for her -- she said the diaper bag I made her (a Miranda) was too bright for her -- it's the one that USED to be at the top of my blog. Well, if THAT was too bright, Lord save us from the Mega Sudoku. She wanted an 8 foot wide quilt and that seemed like a good idea to me at the time. It's OK, all the blocks are a standard size and will be perfect in other things, and the leftover yardage will be great too.
I hope everyone has a good day. Please say a prayer for the grandson of a friend of mine who is having heart surgery today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday Evening

So I just squared up my table runner from class that I put the borders on last night -- the plan is to bind that sucker tonight. I also THINK I figured out the backing for my OBW -- we'll see!

Spent about a half hour last night on the web cam with Meghan and Talya, Ricky and Nick. Talya is a beauty -- black hair about 2-1/2" long and long eyelashes. She's a handful, but my daughter's little family is blissfully happy. It is truly a blessing to witness. I promised Ricky I'd take him to Wild Kingdom (which he prefers over the San Diego Zoo -- go figure), and have him stay a night with me at the motel. He liked that (or at least pretended to).

Nothing else interesting going on -- except I need to get started on some more Christmas presents. I can't post photos of a lot of the things I'm working on because they are Christmas gifts -- well, you know . . . can't ruin the surprise -- even if everybody basically knows what they are getting.

I do hope everyone is doing well. I'm off to the sewing room!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday night (late)

Just finished my OBW with borders. And just talked to my grandson, Ricky, who is absolutely thrilled with his little sister! I'll webcam with them all tomorrow -- Meghan and Natalya are out of the hospital and headed home -- her in-laws will drive her in one car and drive her car to Escondido for them. All is well!

Monday afternoon

Is there anything more annoying than a new grandmother? Can't think of much! And doesn't Nick look like he's going to be a fantastic dad?! He's a great dad to Ricky, so I'll bet he is!

Her onsie says "I wasn't born yesterday . . . or was I? I know I'm a little bit biased, but I really do think she's pretty!

Boy is it tough to be all the way across the country from them!

While waiting for her to make her appearance, etc., I got several (I think 4) rows of my OBW sewn together -- I think I even like it! I have redesigned it with Nan's suggestions in mind -- hopefully it will be better than what I'd planned. I hope to finish the top tonight (with borders) and post a photo.

I started frogging Meghan and Nick's Sudoku quilt last night. She says the diaper bag I made is too bright (that's on my opening -- yellow and green with frogs), so if she thinks THAT is bright, well, the Sudoku . . . anyway, they may not get anything quilted at all, since I'd already put many hours into the Sudoku. But I see no reason to waste the fabric. Perhaps someday I'll find a pattern and/or some fabric that I think she'll like.

Hope all is well with everyone else!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday 11:45 am - Photo of Talya

So here's a photo of my new granddaughter, Natalya Ann! (Talya). Nana is already (and has been) madly in love with her! Not a good photo, but sent by cell phone to me by Meghan and then to my computer from my cell phone. More will be forthcoming!

I just did the (supposedly) 3 mile walk for breast cancer. That was sure a long 3 miles. I didn't think I was going to find my team, but I eventually did and we did the walk. It's good to be home though.

As for the OBW, Nan has suggested a corner in the black as well as a diagonal so we can do some cool quilting on it. Heck, I'm game! So I'll redesign this afternoon and hopefully get some rows constructed. Also want to finish my table topper from class Tuesday night -- at least to binding stage.

Found some fabric at thousands of bolts this morning for the pink purse Mom wants. So I ordered it. And it's just not my fault I fell in love with some butterfly fabric for me! I cannot be held responsible for that, despite my claim, just last NIGHT, that I wouldn't need any fabric again for forever! LOL. It's just so addictive!

I'll add photos of the family when they send them to me. Thanks everyone!

Saturday 4:44 am

I am THRILLED to announce the arrival of Miss Natalya Ann Holmes at 11:17 PST weighing in a 7 lbs 6 oz, 19 inches long. Delivered by C-section as she was "brow first" Meghan says. I'm told she is beautiful and has Nick's dark hair. Mother and baby are doing beautifully! It's too late for a photo to be up (hospital usually has one up in an hour after birth), but I will post as soon as I can.

I am also humbled to say she is named for me (partly) -- the Ann is for me. Well, obviously you can't name her Natalya Billye!!!! That would be almost as awful as Billye Ann!

So she still made it (squeaked) for her birthday to be October 24. I want to DO something -- something HUGE -- something more than I've already done -- for her birth. I'm open to ideas! I've made the quilt, sent the bed, sent $$. Made a teddy bear. She has everything for her. I've been racking my brain since this morning and just can't come up with anything appropriate. Perhaps someday I'll give her the OBW quilt that I worked on while I waited for her to decide to join us. Anyway, that quilt is dedicated to her!

Thanks everyone -- I'm going back to bed for an hour or so before I get up for the breast cancer walk. God bless!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday night - waiting for Talya and OBW

Meghan is in labor. She was induced at 7 am San Diego time, 10:00 our time. Which means she's been in labor for 12 hours now. About 2 hours ago they broke her water, so hopefully we'll have a baby soon (it's 10:14 as I write this). Little Miss Talya Ann has a mind of her own! Luckily she's had an epidural for almost all of the labor, and she's called me twice.

I took my Mom for her biopsy of her thyroid today. They've assured her that 95% of these biopsies are benign, and I hope they are right. When I got home, I finished folding all my fabrics (thanks again Diane!) and putting it all away. I'd stopped at Joann's and bought a thread rack (my plastic one had fallen and the lid broken). I got to use a 50% off coupon so that's nice.

Mom has asked me for a pink purse. What color, out of ALL my fabric, do I so NOT have? Pink. So I'll need to do some shopping.

In order to keep myself occupied today (and trying not to worry), I finished the blocks and, I think, the design of my OBW. I added 5 black blocks -- I was going to add just one in the middle and then I liked the idea of the 4 corners as well. What do you think? I know it's bright, and I know it's not a traditional OBW, but I kind of like it. I hope to sew the rows together this weekend and hopefully get to Nan's in the next few weeks to quilt it. That will be such fun!
I have the walk for breast cancer in the morning, so I best get some sleep. I was hoping I'd get the call that Talya had been born while I was writing this, but no such luck. I'm sure she's going to show up when she's darn good and ready, and I suspect she'll be that way most if not all of her life! Just like her Mom. And her grandmother. We're all a bit headstrong!
Hope all is well with anyone who is reading this. God bless. I'll post when I have a new grandchild! Or after my breast cancer walk. Or sometime soon!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Morning

Haven't posted in a couple of days, and don't have any nice photos to add (sorry!). Have had a great couple of days, with a couple of down things.

First, went to quilt club (class) Tuesday night and had a great time -- learned how to make a table runner with Thangles, which was interesting. I don't know what it is, but I cannot seem to get to class with the fabric I end up wanting to use for the class. So I buy some, and then Diane, as always, had the perfect light fabric to go with it and as always was generous to a fault. And I do mean generous! She'd cleaned out her stash of fabric (I thought I needed to add "of fabric" to those of us old timers who think of a "stash" as something else). She'd told me Sunday she was doing it and that she hoped I wanted some fabric. Well, DUH! Of COURSE I want fabric. I expected a few pieces. The box was HEAVY! I swear, there was a TON of fabric -- lots of it in large yardage pieces, several perfect for backings. I mean it was heaven!

So when I got home last night I pulled ALL my fabric, every piece (except scraps -- that's a whole different story that needs some serious work) and sorted into colors and pulled the FQs out and sorted them in a color wave. Then I got the ruler out and started folding. Meghan called in the middle, and I put her on speaker phone and kept folding. I got through all the FQs and all the whites/creams. Which only leaves all the other colors to fold! My dining room table, which is NOT small, is covered in fabric! WHOO HOOO. Soon it will all be folded and divided the way I always wanted it to be. I'm looking forward to getting back to that tonight.

I can't thank Diane enough for her friendship, her teaching, her encouragement and her gift of fabric -- which got me motivated to at least start getting organized. The scraps will have to wait until the first of the year, but I do plan to use Bonnie Hunter's system with that. It'll take a while to get there, but I will!

I didn't get any more of the OBW blocks squared up, but the steam and starch have helped to get them to the right 6-1/2" size. Nan and I will quilt it once I get the top done. Sometime in early November I hope.

Meghan is scheduled to be induced tomorrow at 11:00 California time. The hospital will take and have a photo of the baby up within an hour. Now, I looked at some of those photos of other babies yesterday -- uhhhhh, let's just say maybe they ought to wait a bit? I'm sure Talya will be beautiful, but I probably won't be sharing that picture unless hers is very different from the rest! I'll wait until she's a little less, uh, new. Yeah, new. That's the word I want. New!

So before I could start folding fabric last night, I had to make a run to Saturn (which had closed early due to lack of business AND the Rays World Series game so a wasted trip). It seems that although my credit is fine, the car dealerships are having a really hard time getting the banks to write ANY loans -- I just spoke to the finance guy, they haven't had anybody in the showroom for 2 days, not one person, and 2 bank people came in yesterday and told them not to bother to send any applications to them -- they aren't writing car loans right now. Mine has been accepted by another credit union, but I have to go sign papers again tonight, and it went up another $3 a month because the interest rate went up 1/2 of one percent. PAIN!! I am tempted to pull out of the deal, but still I'm way under the interest rate I was paying on my old car and I have come to really like this car. So I'm going ahead with it, although it might not be the smartest thing I've ever done.

Also, my trip to San Diego is a bit less stressful than it was going to be. I was going to have my husband, Greg, take care of Trixye, but Greg has never owned a pet, much less a dog. He gave her a chocolate chip cookie about a month ago, thinking he was being nice to her -- because he simply doesn't know any better. Luckily for me, Trixye didn't like it and didn't eat it. I was concerned about leaving her with him. I had also checked into the limo to the airport -- what used to be $15 or $20 is now $40!!! One way. Parking in long term parking is $9 a day, so that made more sense to me, but I was uncomfortable with having my new car in the lot for a week. However, my good friend Carol has offered to (1) take care of Trixye for me -- and Trixye has been there and gets along just fine with her two dogs and (2) take me to the airport and pick me up!!! Now how's that for a great friend!? I'll go to her house on Sunday before I leave, spend the night there (which gives Trixye a chance to get acclimated before I leave) and then Carol will drop me off at the airport on her way to work. I may have to hang around the airport a bit longer than I would like, but a good book and some hand sewing should take care of that. Then she'll pick me up Saturday when I get in and my car will be nice and safe and sound at her house. What a relief!

I'm off work tomorrow -- have to take Mom for a biopsy, and then my car to an inspection place for the insurance company -- Pinellas County, where I live, requires it. I guess it's to be sure you don't buy a clunker and then put in a claim for insurance for body repair that it already had. If I had the sticker I wouldn't have to do this, but since my car had a little over 500 miles on it, the sticker was gone, so . . . . hopefully Mom's biopsy won't take long and I can get to that appointment by 4:00. Otherwise, my Aunt Pat will have to come pick her up from the hospital. We all think this is much ado about nothing, since she's had these lumps in her neck for years, but nonetheless I'm glad to be able to help her get them checked out.

Work is, obviously, SLOWWWWWW. It's a touch scary, but I have been assured, reassured, and promised that our firm gets through tough times, never does lay offs and is financially sound and secure. That I would be one of the last to go even if they did, because I can do litigation as well as real estate, plus any other area of law. Still, it's disconcerting to sit here day after day with little or nothing to do. I suspect they'll start pulling some of the real estate lawyers into land use and bankruptcy and work outs -- that's what happened years ago during the last recession in the firm I worked in -- the practice areas just changed. Bad times are still good for lawyers, just not necessarily in the areas they are used to working in.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Hopefully I will be able to report the birth of my beautiful granddaughter tomorrow!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday morning

Ahh, yippee, another week. One boss out sick, the other covering for her so she's getting up to speed. Soon all heck will break loose, but for now, it's quiet.

Meghan called a bit ago -- she says she's going to ask the doctor to induce her labor on Friday. The way she started the conversation, I thought the doctor had already scheduled it. But no, not yet. So don't hold your breath! At least the contractions have all but stopped and she's able to get some rest.

So I worked on my OBW yesterday -- got all my corners on, all pressed up, and went to square up. Uhhhh..... not so good. They are supposed to square up at 6-1/2" - and they all seem to be just a touch shy of that. I'll steam and starch the heck out of them, and maybe I can get them to be exact. If not, we may have 6-1/4" blocks!

I also made my friend Judi's tote bag last night (with pockets). I used the With Love Tote pattern from Lazy Girl -- which doesn't include pockets, so I, being "challenged" by how things will be when they are turned inside out, etc., basted it together first, pinned the pockets where I wanted them, then turned it back, sewed the pockets on and continued. It's a bit big -- I followed the measurements, but it just seems too big to me. Hopefully she will like it! I'm considering putting a baggie bottom in it for more stability. Perhaps I'll like it better then. I do love the fabric for her -- but like so many things I'm making right now, I can't post photos because they are gifts -- I know everyone understands.

I got the car insurance stuff done this morning, a bill paid, some filing caught up (I pretty much stay up with that here at work), called about my Bare Minerals order to be sure it was right, made an appointment for my car to be inspected, called about the tire pressure light. Got a lot done before anybody else even got here! That's one great thing about getting to work early -- I can do all that stuff and it doesn't keep my work from being done.

One of my friends here at work went to Rome a couple of weeks ago. She showed me some of her photos and I fell in love with a simple street scene. It made me want to paint. I've not wanted to paint in FOREVER, so that's a really great thing. I've asked her to get me an 11x14 of the picture and an extra print. I want to get back to painting, but I just can't seem to find any interest in it right now. I got a bunch of stained glass stuff given to me too, but no interest there either. And Diane has fabric for me (YIPPEE!!) -- I still have TONS of interest there. But I know me -- I'll drift back to my other hobbies eventually -- and probably will have at least one of all three going. I'd do some stained glass if I knew of anything that anyone would like to have. Hey, I have 2 lighthouse kits I was given -- they're precut and easy, just need to be foiled and soldered -- hmmmmm....might be perfect for my bosses! Would make it easy on me, that's for sure! Maybe I'll just do that, plus it would be an excuse for me to get those 2 boxes of stained glass stuff emptied and sorted.

Bored, bored, bored. Oh well! At least I get paid to be bored!

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday early evening

Nope, no baby yet. Contractions have even stopped. Bless her heart. The hospital said they were "real" contractions, but I guess her doctor was right after all and it's just not time. At least she can get some rest. She's going to need it!!

It's been a really good day. Took my car in for service, came home with a new car. Oh well, I've had car fever for a while, so my 5th or 6th Saturn, I've lost count. Bought an Aura XE this time -- nice car. I like it already. Pewter is what they call the color, it's sort of a light brown/darkish tan in my book. Already had the pinstriping and cool wheels and stuff. Had almost 600 miles on it, so somebody else paid the depreciation. She brought it back and got herself a couple other cars -- guys say she trades in cars every couple of months -- too much money and not enough brains, but it was good for me, so who cares? And I've known these guys at this dealership for eons, so no reason to doubt them. They sold me my 2nd, 3rd and I think this is 5th Saturn, so I know who I'm dealing with -- they know me by name.

At the left is a photo of all my OBW blocks. I think I like the black to "break it up" a bit. I've talked to Nan and we're going to try to come up with a date maybe in November for me to take it to her to quilt it on her long arm. What a treat!

So after buying the car, I picked up Judi and Mom and off we went to run errands. Lunch, then clothes shopping (ICK), then some errands for Mom. We dropped Mom off, went to get dog food and toys for our dogs, and then Judi and I went to JoAnn's. While we were shopping she let me know she'd really rather have a tote bag than a purse, and that's really a relief to me -- I didn't want to screw up the fabric I'd chosen for her as I learned to make the purse, so I'll make her a cool tote bag instead. With pockets and stuff!

At JoAnn's I bought some more fabric for a OBW -- and some backing. Here's a photo. I think it's beautiful -- Nan, will it work?

I can't even think about starting this until next year. I think it will be beautiful!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Meghan pregnant

When I came back from lunch, I had an email from Meghan with a photo of her pregnant. She is HUGE!!!

Another day -- another -- well hopefully dollar!

So it's finally Friday. Still no baby, but the contractions are further apart and the discomfort level less. She's finally getting some rest and I suppose our darling Talya will come when she's darn good and ready!

I thought I'd finished all my blocks on my OBW last night, but when I put them all up on the design wall, I was 7 short. It took me about 5 minutes to cut 7 more sets and they'll only take me an hour to sew -- isn't that amazing? It is to me. What a cool trick somebody thought up. I played with the corner fabrics and I'm almost definitely going to go with black corners. I think all that color is defintely going to need some relief for the eyes. I sent a photo of the blocks to Ricky, thinking he'd love the kaliedoscope effect, but alas, no. So I guess I'll just have to keep this one. Oh boo! (Frankly, I love it -- it matches NOTHING in my house, and still I LOVE it!).

A trip to Joanns this weekend, maybe even tonight, with tons of coupons, looking for just the right fabric for another one. Like I need more fabric. Well, heck, EVERYBODY needs more fabric! Ok, maybe not everybody. Maybe not even me, but I WANT IT!

No new photos today. But maybe tonight I'll take a photo of my OBW on the design wall. I STILL need to cut out Judi's purse and get going on it, and all the other Christmas gifts, but Nan has me hooked on this OBW. It's just fascinating to me.

Although it was a month ago, we've finally arranged time for us all to go to lunch today for my birthday. It should be fun -- I've not been out with some of these girls before, so looking forward to it.

Everybody have a great day!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday -- is it really Thursday?

So I got an email from Meghan this morning, sent last night, that they are in San Diego at his parent's house, close to the hospital. Doctor was less than kind to her yesterday when Meghan saw her, and basically told her to grin and bear it. She says the contractions are hard and 4 minutes apart -- so she doesn't want to be far from the hospital just in case. My concern is that the doctor has made her afraid to call and that baby will be delivered in a car/ambulance/bathroom floor. I KNOW Meghan would never do such a thing on purpose, but with no sleep to speak of for a week, and your doctor telling you that you are being a wimp, well . . . . that just doesn't bode well to me. I've not heard from her since. I hope she's sleeping and the contractions have stopped, or that she's busy having a baby. It's just not supposed to be this difficult!

As for me, I went to my former boss's house to help her design the decorations for her tables at her reception. I don't really think I was of much use, but it was nice to see her and try to help anyway. When I got home, I made 6 more OBW blocks. They are so easy and mindless sewing now -- I think I need about 20 more and all 56 will be finished. Then I'll try to do the "color wave" -- not sure how well THAT's going to work out with this fabric. This may just be a hodgepodge and I'll worry about the color wave on the next one. And believe me, there will be a next one. I can't help but love, love, love this -- too bright for me? Yup. A place for it? Nope. But it might be a great gift for Ricky. I can see him staring at the kaleidoscopes for hours at a time. Heck, I can see ME staring at them for hours at a time! We'll see. I'll send a photo to him once done and see if he wants it.

Bosses not in -- I was assured today would be REALLY busy, but not so far! I think a couple things got postponed until next week. Quiet days are nice, but they sure do get long and boring.

I really do plan to cut out Judi's purse tonight. I really do!!

Have a good day everyone! I hope to report good news about Meghan and Talya today!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday morning

Just another day in Paradise, as they say. Last word from Meghan was last night, she'd been to the hospital, lost her mucus plug, had water "leaking" but they told her to either walk there at the hospital for 2 hours or go home and walk. Poor thing is so exhausted. She said she wasn't even going to call her doctor any more and she's really embarrassed. She's only a 3 cm. dilation. My heart goes out to her, but Lord knows she's got no reason to be embarrassed! Everyone in the family is exhausted too. I just hope that I haven't heard from her because she's in labor and having Talya and everything and everyone are fine. Plus, it's only 20 to 7 in California, although I've usually heard from her by now. I'm sure all is well. I have to believe all is well!

So in order to stay busy last night, I made 12 more OBW blocks. I also created a new place for my design wall - on my porch. I hung up my little flannel backed table cloth with tape over the back door (the only place I can hope to have enough space!) and started sticking the blocks on it. However, since they were falling off, and I'm not yet ready to pin them down, I sprayed some quilting basting spray on it and that's working a lot better. Still having trouble with the color wave, and still considering the possibility of using black in the corners (really to try to tone it down a bit!). Also considering the possibility of some interior black borders, also to tone it down some. We'll see as the design process moves along. I REALLY need to be working on gifts instead, but I have to admit this OBW is seriously addictive.

Diane gave me a book on landscape quilting -- combining art with fabric and quilting. I have to admit that one glance at the book has me fasinated. Oh no! Another hobby! Although it's really a combination of all my hobbies, even stained glass since some of the "stylized" art quilts are given the stained glass "look". Again, yet another project.

I've read the directions for the bag I want to make Judi. I was wrong -- this is not the BFF bag, this is the Pursonality bag -- which is also gorgeous -- that Diane has made. I will have to go slowly with this one -- it's very confusing on the reading. Hopefully it's easier on the making!

Tonight I'm off to the home of my former boss, Lee, who is getting married on October 26th. She's asked me to help her with some ribbons or some decoration thing -- I think she has some mistaken notion that I'm kind of artistic. We'll see about that! But it gives me a chance to help her out some (I hope) and to give her the wedding present I made for them from their shower and wedding invitations in a shadow box -- and not during the hustle and bustle of the wedding/reception. Sure glad I got that project done ahead of time!

All else is good. Still haven't finished Mom's ultra suede purse. She will either love or hate it. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I'll post more when I know more!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday morning

I just put "Monday morning" in the title because since I was off work yesterday, it feels like Monday. Neither boss has shown up yet, so I have time on my hands.

Got an email from Meghan a couple hours ago -- she thinks her water has broken. Basically she's been told to endure this labor -- it's too late in her pregnancy to stop it, too early to induce. Her doctor won't do anything or give her anything. Poor thing, she's not slept in days and days and is completely exhausted. It's probably a good thing I'm not out there, because I'd feel required to be with her and I'd probably just annoy her -- and believe me, she's irritable enough as it is! Understandably.

So tonight I think I'll cut out Judi's purse. This is called the BFF bag (best friends forever) and is one that Diane has made -- hers is simply adorable. I hope the one I make for Judi turns out nearly as well. Once that's cut out, I think I'll sew some more on the OBW -- I can't tell you how much fun those are! I'm doing them 6 at a time, and when they are pressed and I turn them over, I'm blown away by each one. Having chosen the wrong fabric, I probably won't be able to get the color wave I would otherwise achieve, but no matter -- and Lord knows it will be bright! I figure I need to make 56 blocks. For this first one I think I'll use some of the fabric in the corners to square it up, although I'm tempted to use some black to tie it all together. However, Nan says that my seams might very well not match (which is a consideration), but I'm just not sure yet. Nan setting up my Jem Gold 2 has sure made my sewing more accurate! I wouldn't even consider it without my machine set up for that accurate 1/4" seam.

I so way want a Janome 6600 -- the plan is (maybe) to use my Christmas bonus as a down payment and buy one on time. If I plan to do that, I will need to really knuckle down and cut back on my spending. Since, however, I don't REALLY need any more fabric (or much of anything else), maybe I'll take on that extra payment. I'll have to think about it some more. And hopefully they can find me a really good rebuilt one so I can get the cabinet too. I'd really like to rearrange my "studio" again so I can have a design wall -- but I need a sewing cabinet to do it. I'd rather wait and get the machine I really want with the cabinet that goes with it, so I'll just make do in the meantime.

Prayers going out to Meghan that Talya is born really soon and you can get some rest. I know you're probably not reading this, but I love you!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday night

So, I went to see Nights in Rodanthe today by myself -- never gone to a movie by myself before, but it was fine and I'll never hesitate again.

I've done some OBW blocks today as well -- don't have the color wave going on as yet, but they sure are fun. I'm doing them 6 at a time. It is so hard to believe that all these different patterns come out of the same fabric.

Meghan still hasn't had the baby. She's in pain, miserable, frustrated and irritable. I feel so bad for her, but the good news is that she and the baby are both fine health wise. She assures me she'll let me know as soon as she knows something, and has asked to be left alone in the meantime. I can understand it, but it sure is hard from here! Thank goodness for Nick's family. I don't know how she'd cope at all otherwise.

Back to work tomorrow. Mom has some testing coming up, but the ENT doctor did not seem terribly concerned. That's a relief! All else is quiet -- I'll post when I know more.

Oh, this morning I finished Mom's purse -- I've not taken a photo yet since it needs the buttons yet (which are made but not yet sewn on) and frankly I don't much care for it. I made it from some ultra suede that she gave me (a HUGE bag) and I made it scrappy. Ultra suede doesn't really lend itself to this particular bag. I guess it's OK, but it's probably my least favorite. Once I finish with the covered buttons, I'll post a photo and maybe you guys can decide for me.

In the meantime, have a good night and a great day tomorrow.

Monday Morning

Yippee! Trixye woke me up at the crack of dawn. Wait, it's not dawn yet! Well, barely, but it wasn't then.

So Meghan sent me a text about 1 am -- still no baby and they did "something" but she's still in pain and headed home. I suspect that's all the way to Escondido, an hour from the hospital. Poor thing. I wish there was something I could do to help. But not from 3000 miles away. I hope this baby comes soon. She's having the same kind of labor I had with her. Took me 96 hours -- Wednesday night to Sunday morning. She started Thursday night and it is now Monday morning. Bless her heart.

Anyway, we had a blast at Nan's and I took my camera, but did I take a picture? DUHHH!!! No! So this morning I took a photo of the fabric I started out with for my One Block Wonder (OBW). This is absolutely the WRONG kind of fabric to use, but I have over 5 yards of it, so I'm USING it!
Then we did this amazing registering the fabric thing, cutting 4" slices through 8 layers (oh, and girls, I FOUND my rotary cutter in my bag -- I KNEW I'd brought it!). Then with a 60 degree ruler we cut through those 8 layers to make triangles. Then sewed the triangles together and -- well, check it out!

Now even I thought I was done sewing for the day, but I caught a second wind. I've been wanting to do Carol Doak's Block of the Month ("BOM"), but frankly I'm more into her house and tree paper piecing. Well this year she's doing "scenic" -- so I made the October BOM.
I think it's kind of cute. If I add it to the other house blocks I've made, plus what she does for the year, I'll have another "scenic" quilt. Since it's scrappy, it should be a lot of fun. I'm way into scrappy these days!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I'll post when and if I know something about the baby. I suspect I'll be doing a lot of sewing today to keep myself busy and my mind occupied so I worry as little as possible. And my Mom is going in to see an ENT for some lumps -- she claims she's had them for years and years, but they want to biopsy them. She tells me that even if they are malignant, they are easy to cure. She has a ride through the place where she lives, but I'm on call in case they need to do more tests or something. So I'll be sticking around the house.

Bye for now!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday evening

What a fantastic day we had at Nan's. She showed me all
kinds of tips and tricks about a One Block Wonder and I got about 10 or 11 blocks sewn. I was surprised that they came out as well as they did. Diane and I had a blast meeting Nan's friend Diane -- who had finished her One Block Wonder blocks and had them up on the design wall. Nan's house is gorgeous and she's just the sweetest person ever!

My DBIL sent me some photos -- the first is a picture of a quilt I made for my sister, Sandi, during the early part of my quilting. I barely recognize it! LOL. Meghan is still in labor, but they've sent her home -- she's hoping a walk will get things really moving. I know she's in a lot of pain and it's tough being so far away from her, but I'm sure all will be fine and hopefully Talya will decide to join us in the next few hours.

This is Pixye. Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?

Here's a photo of my sister and I -- I'm in red. You can see our mother in the reflection in the glass, as well as my Aunt Pat.

And here's a photo of our Mom. We are so very blessed to have her.

I'll add photos of Meghan and Ricky, Nick and Talya when I get some! My most recent pictures of Ricky are really quite old, and Meghan has been avoiding the camera since she got pregnant.

That's all the news for now. It's almost 7 and I'm about done in for the day. I doubt I sew any more -- unless I go work on Mom's purse maybe later. Have a great day!

Sunday morning

Here's some more of my "art" (which term I use very loosely!). Trixye is at the left -- took me about 10 tries to get even a halfway decent photo of her.
No word on Talya's birth yet. I'm sure they'll let me know as soon as something "major" happens -- likes she's BORN!

I'm soon off to my quilty day with Nan, Diane and Diane anyway. Going to start a One Block Wonder. I bought magnificent (to me) fabric -- it's incredibly bright. I usually go a bit more traditional, so this will be interesting. Nan is awesome at the technique and I'm thilled to be going to her house with Diane and meeting Nan's friend Diane. I'm taking my camera. If they'll give me permission, I'll photo and post.
Have a great day -- I know I will!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


She may be on her way! Meghan called a little while ago and is on her way to her in-laws, which is near the hospital in San Diego. She says she's sure this is it. I hope she's right -- trying NOT to worry, but with her 3000 miles away, it's hard. At least they have somebody to drive them -- she'll be fine I'm sure.


So dancing was fun last night, but I woke up not feeling well. Just took Trixye to the dog park and soon I must (1) clean this house!, (2) go to the store -- I'm out of almost everything and (3) get some sewing done and packed for tomorrow.

Some of my work is displayed above. The first two are Lazy Girl Gracie bags -- one for my Mom, one for me. The next is a painting I did for my boss last year for Christmas. I'm going to have to get more of my painting photos transferred to my directory so I can upload them.

I designed the stained glass motorcycle since I couldn't find a pattern for one. The lamp and tissue box were made for Christmas/birthday for my sister. The quilt is one of my first paper pieced quilts I made for my Mom last year for Christmas. Fun to make and she seems to like it. Birdhouses were interesting and I think the colors go well in her house.

Friday, October 10, 2008

10/10/08 - a little while later

OK, second post. So my daughter's contractions have stopped, so unlikely a baby really soon. It's OK, she's a month early, so we can wait. Just hard on her to keep starting and stopping contractions, but she'll deal with it.

Being brand new at this blogging thing, I'm not at all sure what anyone will be interested in (or not). Probably my quilting the most. I have so very much to learn. I belong to several Yahoo groups, including Carol Doak's, Stashbusters, StashQuilters, DustingYourStash, InspectorsClub, Quiltvillechat and Lazygirl Designs. I love learning from all of them, and meeting lots of new and interesting people on all of them.

My skills continue to improve, but last night I spent quite a bit of time "frogging" since I managed to sew a pillowcase the wrong way -- DUH!! I'm off work on Monday, and only going to a movie tomorrow, so I'll likely spend most, if not all, of the weekend quilting. I'm beginning to get the urge to get back into stained glass and maybe even have a painting floating around in my head.

I'm watching the stock market crash over and over. Sometimes it's almost nice to not have any money in the market -- my friends who do are worried over their 401Ks. My 401K doesn't start here at work until January, and I'll throw as much $$ into as I can. Hopefully for me this down market will be a boon as I can buy more shares and it will be worth more when I get ready to retire. HOWEVER, I really don't think I will ever retire completely. As much as I love my hobbies, I don't think I'd be happy not working, not interacting with other people. Yes, it's true these 11 hour days get old -- and they get older the older I get! I don't actually WORK 11 hours, but that's how long the day is by the time we do the commute. I do carpool with a couple of lovely ladies here at work.

And my possibly very favorite thing in the world is my Yorkie, Trixye. I'll try to snap a photo of her in the next day or so and add that to this blog. She's a doll -- quiet as she can be. She doesn't bark -- she was a breeding female, and they nearly bred her to death. I've had her a little over a year. However, she got a clean bill of health last weekend from the vet and has gained (too much) weight. When I got her she was malnourished, her coat was dull and she had sores all over her body -- her teeth had never been cleaned and when they were, she lost 3. 2 weeks after I got her she had to have major surgery due to an infected uterus. But she's a true joy and now her coat gleams, not a sore on her body and her health is excellent. She's great company and I adore her. Her favorite thing is to play with her "cousin" Pixye -- my sister's Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix. Now THERE'S a beautiful animal. If they had a breed for her, she'd be a show dog. If my sister gives me permission, I'll post a photo of her too.

More later! Everyone have a great day.