Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday morning

Another slow, slow day here at work. I didn't get a lot of quilting done over the weekend, but I did get the 24 9 patch blocks done on Ricky's 7 shirt quilt and I've cut the squares for the snowball blocks. I just didn't feel like sewing yesterday -- and I know that when I don't feel like it, I screw it up.

Tonight is my first quilt guild meeting as a member. I'll pick up Barb and off we'll go.

Marc did very well meeting my co-workers on Thursday and we had a nice date Saturday night. We'll see where it goes from here. I'll file for divorce in the morning -- Greg is being very cool about it and I'm sure he suspects I've decided it's time to date. And so it is. . . I've given him about 10 years and gotten very very little in return . . . time to MOVE ON!

Hopefully I'll get inspired to sew again after Guild tonight. Everyone have a great day -- sorry no photos to post!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Most recent finishes

I took some photos last night of the things I've finished recently and -- voila! Here they are!

This is Mischa's Pineapple Quilt -- done done. The binding is made with some lion/tiger fabric, and so every once in a while a pair of eyes stares out at you. I think it makes it kind of fun.

The above is shown as a couch caddy (which is nice and easy to make -- Lazy Girl pattern), but I've done the adjustments and added the ties to make it a walker caddy for my Mom for Mother's Day. However, not having a walker handy . . . . she's asked for this and she wanted black. You can't see it in this photo, but the speckles are gold. Mom always likes to sparkle so I hope she likes it.
As for me, anybody who reads this blog (like all 2 of you) may be happy to know that I have completed the dissolution of marriage paperwork and have made arrangements with Greg to go to the Courthouse on Tuesday morning to file it. Needless to say, I have to pay for it, but they take plastic, so I'll pay for it over time at least! I figure if I'm going to start dating anyone, ever, I need to be free to do so at least in my own head. Nobody but me (well, and my Mom and sister) seems to think it's any big deal, but it's a big deal to me. The paperwork was easier than I thought and I've checked with the Court that I have everything. I'll be glad to have it over and done with. Main reason? My girlfriend tells me they're getting ready to raise the fees again. It's already $400!!!
The baby is doing well, as of last night. And finally Steve O is off DWTS! And they saved Matt last night on AI -- not quite sure why . . . but that was kind of nice. Too bad Lil wasn't voted off. I love The Rose -- and I thought she really butchered it.
I have a date tonight -- just to a free concert here in downtown and probably not for very long. But still I'm looking forward to it. Marc is coming to the office to get me to go. So the girls will get an opportunity to check him out!
Everybody have a great day. I'm busily working on Ricky's 7 shirts quilt -- I've only got a couple more strips to cut on one last shirt, then I'm ready to begin assembly. I hope it looks at least SOMETHING like I've envisioned! LOL.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Enough grief already, Diane!! LOL -- I posted the finished one already. The pineapple quilt is quilted, bound, labeled and washed too and I'll add it tonight (probably). I just don't have the photos or camera (or quilts for that matter!) here with me at work.
Besides, Diane has seen them in person . . . so I don't know WHAT her deal is. LOL. She's suddenly Little Miss Super Blogger -- for somebody that didn't even have one a month ago!
OK, so most of you probably know I decided to test the dating waters a little bit. So I signed up for several on line dating sites (I blame Arline for this -- I am not responsible). And no, I haven't told Greg yet, but I will. I'm just going to tell him the truth -- 8 years of my life is long enough and I'll be filing for divorce soon, which he has known for some time. Still, he'll probably manage to be hurt, but I'll try not to.
Anyway, after wading through a bunch of profiles, and shockingly enough to me, a bunch of emails and "flirts" and "winks" and "I'm interested in you"s, and discarding all of them but one, that fellow (who was seeing someone else) invited me to a movie on Saturday. And so I went. Yeah. How about that? And he's nice (so far -- let's not get ahead of ourselves here!). We had dinner last night at Applebee's (not to worry all, as you probably suspected, I'm paying my own way). He's invited me to a jazz concert on the 28th. I know he'd invited another girl and bought tickets for her, but ha ha ha, she didn't like him and I do, so I get to go! Ha ha ha. Not that I know anything about jazz except I like it, but I can learn.
We were going to go to a dance with Arline and the band where I usually go dancing (the Moose) on Saturday night, but it ends up that's a big Moose convention and it will be really crowded. I'm way not into crowds, and it so happens that Marc isn't either. Oh yeah, his name is Marc. Anyway, since I've seen him twice and he hasn't murdered me yet (in fact he's been a perfect gentleman) I invited him to dinner Saturday night and I'll twirl a chicken and stuff. He offered to bring whatever -- I suggested he bring a movie. It'll be interesting to see what he chooses!
The baby is doing better than she's done in like forever, although she's got a little cold, but it's normal baby stuff. We are so grateful that so far the deflux procedure seems to have done quite a bit of good. Make no mistake, things aren't "fixed," just less bad. And for now, we'll take less bad! Meghan has been sick, but slowly getting better. Ricky is great and I am super Nana because I sent the right toy for Easter. Yay Nana!
Bored yet? Probably, so I'll sign off. Everybody have a great day and I'll try to get some photos up of completed projects. Oh yeah, a couple I can't post, but I can post Mom's walker caddy. Need a photo of it too!

Monday, April 6, 2009

D9P Done Done

Well, imagine my surprise that Diane is DEMANDING a photo of the completed D9P. This is for my DGD Natalya -- who has had yet another rough rough day. She was diagnosed with epilepsy today, and her hips have a problem, she has to see an immunologist, and the deflux procedure may not have been as effective as we'd hoped. But, none of those things are life threatening -- it does however mean that Meghan can't work any time soon, and she's going nuts. Unfortunately for her, she has no hobbies, and no close friends out there -- little relief from a constantly sick baby. And yet, with the price of day care in California, she really can't afford to work with 2 kids, even if Talya could go to day care, which she most definitely can't. It's hard to stay here and not help, but they'll manage. Somehow. They did get a car at least!

Anyway, here's the D9P done done, quilted, bound, labeled and even washed. I'm working on Ricky's 7 shirt quilt and will send both when I finish that one. Need to get back to the pineapple quilt too -- that's still on the design wall and not been pieced! It's Ok, though, one thing at a time. Tonight I'll finish the binding on the OBW. I tell ya, that one turned out to be a beauty! In fact, I'm going to post a photo of it too!

I don't know how well you can see the beautiful quilting that Barb did on it, but she used yellow thread (which I chose) and it's gorgeous. she used black on the back (black backing with the fabric as a trim) and well, I just think it's beautiful. Not very practical of course -- I don't know anybody that has a house where this would match, but I love, love, love it. Thank you, Nancy for teaching me! Thank you Barb, for quilting it! Thank you, Diane, for making me believe I could do it.
Hugs to all. Please keep praying for the baby.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2

Oh, another day in paradise. Well, almost, at least it's Florida! Not that I'd know -- since I'm stuck inside.

Talya had her procedure on Monday and it went super well, which was a huge relief, until at least yesterday, when she was back at the hospital because she was peeing blood. Doctors believe it was a blood clot that she passed, so she didn't have to stay overnight. Meghan just called and said she had a rough night and didn't feel very good, but she's OK. We may have just gotten the miracle so many people have been praying for. And thank you for those prayers. Something's working and I'm inclined to think it's the prayers!

I have been quilting, but haven't taken any recent photos. These two are from Diane, from the class we took on Saturday from our friend Barb (who, incidentally, did a magnificent job on quilting my OBW -- I've cut the binding and plan to get that done this weekend). We finished piecing the D9Ps in class, and I've added the borders. I'm doing this one QAYG (my first with this method that Diane taught me) and I quilted half last night. A couple of wonky places I'm going to frog and redo (not quite sure how it got all bunched up in a couple places, but that's OK -- it's all a learning curve!), but overall, not too bad. Barb also quilted my 5 yard quilt (and that's gorgeous too), although it has to go back to her to finish since I hadn't made the back long enough. I stuck some fabric on it and have it in the trunk to give to her. She now has my Double Delight to quilt. I am still the most proud of that quilt. I surely posted a photo of it completed on here, now didn't I? If not, I will. She's out of town for the month of April, so I'm sure it will be May or June before I get that quilt back, but that's OK. Frankly I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these quilts, but I love making them and having them. Well, the D9P is for Talya. And I've collected all the shirts for the 7 shirt quilt for Ricky, and I've removed (and kept) all the buttons, so that's my next project.
Although maybe not. I need to get my sister's cell phone pouch done (still trying to figure out how to adjust the patterns I have to accommodate what she wants -- she's VERY picky), and make Mom either a black BFF bag or a walker bag -- I'm thinking a walker bag -- for Mother's Day. And I need to get some stained glass done for my bosses birthdays this summer, and something special for another friend of mine who might read this so I can't say what. Oh oh oh, and my Shakespeare in the Park. Yeah, that one is toward the top of the list too. Long list. And those are just the ones in some stage of actually being done!
OK, so I didn't go on the date. I canceled it. And yes, I'm on 3 different dating sites and no, I've not met anybody I'm even remotely interested in -- plus they'd cut into my quilty time!! I did get propositioned twice yesterday -- even old guys are like that. Ick. Don't worry about me -- I seem to be happy enough on my own and was even thinking this morning did I really even want a guy around -- God I'd have to shave all the time, and cook and clean and stuff. ICK!!!
I have a friend that I can almost guaranty is being scammed by one of those "romance scammers." He's followed every classic move, but another friend of hers and I cannot get her to even question it. He's promised her a beautiful home and to take care of her financially so she can retire. And she wants it so badly, that she believes everything. Even when he asked her for $3,000 because he got mugged (which I'm not supposed to know -- another friend of hers let that slip). It makes no sense that a wealthy man would need her to send him $3,000 whether he got mugged (or anything else) or not, but she just won't see it. She's in love. With a man she's never met. She's run all sorts of background checks and says he's clean, even though another friend found his exact name as a scammer and showed her. We try to tell her that just because he SAYS it's his name, it doesn't mean it IS his name. But I'm done -- I've offered to have her talk to my friend at the FBI, I've tried all I know to discourage her, but she just won't listen. I pray she doesn't get more than her heart hurt.
This has prattled on long enough. Trixye is at the vet having her teeth cleaned and I'll leave work about 4:30 to pick her up, then she'll be sleepy so it'll be a nice quiet night of quilting. I have lots of TV to catch up on. Saturday will be spent with Mom in the afternoon, after I stop off at Country Quilts & Bears to pay for the FMQ class I'm taking in June. Then that evening I'll be picking Judi up from the airport -- bless her heart, her mother passed away last week and they didn't find her for a couple of days. Judi found out on Sunday, on her birthday. So sad. We'd just been talking about our mothers the day before when I took her to a movie and dinner for her birthday. I know I'm dreading the day I have to deal with my own mother's demise.
OK, enough gloom and doom. All else is good, and I pray it is for everyone else too. God bless, and thank you God for the miracle of Talya's better health. Thank you.