Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's been a long time

For some reason I fell out of the habit of blogging. A trip to San Diego and a sick new grandchild (she has to have surgery which, for a baby, is always major, but she should be OK). Working on Christmas gifts and generally being lazy mostly. I've been sewing but haven't got the photos on this computer (I'm at work and don't have any work to do right now).

So, Talya has a problem in her urinary tract, that will apparently require surgery. So far, two pretty bad infections, different bacteria, so they think surgery will be required to repair whatever is wrong. Talya was hospitalized for several days with the first one, and at the ER for most of the night for the second. I was lucky that she was on the antibiotics and fairly well during my visit over Thanksgiving. And man, did I ever fall in love with her!

Meghan has to return to work soon, so I'm not sure how that will work out, but hopefully they'll manage. I've told her I'll come back out to help if she needs me.

Mom's finally going to get hearing aids. My sister and I are pretty stoked about that -- it's gotten pretty old having to repeat ourselves. Mom says it's only my sister and I that she can't hear, which is possible since our voices are very similar and the impairment seems to be frequency impairment and not total hearing loss. So perhaps it is the frequency of our voices. But that must hold true for a LOT of voices, because her TV is so loud you can barely stand it.

As many of you know, I have my wonderful Yorkie, Trixye. But Trixye is illegal -- yup, no 4 legged animals permitted where I live in a 55+ condo (villa really) community. However, we just got notification that, along with 10 other amendments to the condo docs, there is a vote coming up to allow 4 legged pets. That will be wonderful for Trixye and I (if it passes). Those of you who have met Trixye know how I can have her and not be discovered -- she doesn't bark and she's piddle pad trained. We go to the dog park as often as possible, and she's happy as she can be (if a little fat). Compared to the crate she lived in for the first 5 years of her life (which probably explains why she doesn't bark), the last year and a half has been a lot of freedom for her. But it'll be better for both of us if that amendment passes and she's legal! And yes, I'll have her out for a walk the day that she's legal, and I'll simply say (if asked) that my sister was keeping her. Which my sister HAS kept her, so it's only sort of a lie. OK, it's a BIG lie, but . . . well . . . sometimes a white lie is necessary. OK, so it's wrong, but still...

I hope all of you have wonderful holidays. My sister and brother in law will be here, and we'll have dinner at their place in Clearwater near our Mom's place. I will be staying at a friend's house -- Carol kept Trixye for me while I went to San Diego, so I'll go to her house and take care of her dog and 2 cats (and Trixye) while she goes to Ohio. It's a win/win for both of us.

Diane and I have a quilt retreat coming up in February that we are very excited about. It's only in Sarasota, but it's my first one, so it's a big deal to me. I hope to do one or two more next year. I continue to take classes (I have a wallet class on Saturday) and Diane is coming to sew on Sunday. We both bought 5 yard fabric kits when we were in Jacksonville, and I've been making up my blocks. I'm hoping to get them finished so that Diane can help me lay them out. I just am not happy with what's up on my design wall. The blocks sew together quickly, so I should be able to have them all done, or nearly all done, by the time she gets there Sunday. But in the meantime -- that house has to be cleaned! Which includes getting the Christmas gifts wrapped, some to Meghan's family boxed up and mailed, and the rest out of the way so there's some room again! Right now my dining room table is covered with wrapping, gifts, etc. I hope to clean that up tonight. Although I'm back in the sewing mood . . . . nope, need to do that first!

Hope everyone is well and doing good. Have a great day (or week, if I don't get around to posting again any time soon!).