Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's been forever again since I posted!

So here we are, February 12. The baby is still sick -- no surgery as yet -- more issues -- blood, seizures (maybe epilepsy), and still they keep waiting to figure out what to do. It's really hard. No way my daughter can go back to work with a sick baby -- so finances become an issue and, of course, her car died, and the company she bought it from is claiming she owes way more on it than she does. Luckily they'll be getting a nice tax refund and will go buy a car outright -- and the ripoff artists that sold her the one that was LITERALLY put together in spots with chewing gum (that's right, a business -- and she has it in writing from a reputable mechanic that he found CHEWING GUM holding parts of her new car (used but new to her) together). The company wouldn't make good on that either. I say, let them come repossess it. With the evidence she has, it shouldn't hurt her credit too badly.

I don't know what photos I've posted since last time, so I'll add some photos of some purses I've made here. I've also made wallets to match most, but haven't taken photos of those (not quite sure why). I like them very much, and it's nice to have matching wallets to my purses. The one I finished last night -- I'll never make another one of these -- too hard, bad pattern, hard to figure out. Oh, I suppose the next one would be easier, but . . . . well, we'll see. My friend doesn't want the pattern back, she hated it, so . . . . maybe someday.

This is a purse I made for a friend. I made another friend one that just about glows in the dark -- I think I took a photo of it and if I can find it at home I'll post it.
It would appear that although I'm not very busy today, I've been a lot busier at work and since my attorneys are the only two associates left in the real estate department, my job is probably safe. Notice I say probably!
Last weekend Diane and I went to the Sew Worth It retreat in Sarasota. When we signed up for it, we thought it was a quilting retreat. In fact, it was more an embroidery, embellishment, surging retreat. Very expensive (for me), but I did win a little Babylock Natalie sewing machine. They say it retails for $399.99, but I tried to buy a 1/4 inch foot for it, and that's $50!!! Outrageous. I'll use my moleskin guide and be just fine.
I continue to work on my Shakespeare in the Park. I've always known that will be a long term project. I need to do my taxes, and then I can start on Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight -- it was a mystery that I'd not planned to do, but I love the finished quilts so much that I just have to. It will be for my niece, Mischa. She loves the things I make, unlike some other members of my family who shall go unnamed. Those members won't be getting much made by me any more either! Just gift certificates. Too much time, trouble, expense and work for things to be tossed into closets and not used.
I met a new friend on line that lives near me. I'm hoping we become fast friends and can quilt together. That would be lovely!
All else is OK. I feel fine and that's good news -- I'd been battling depression for a while -- the baby, layoffs at work, the economy, my impending divorce (yes, I'm going to do it, even though I dread the paperwork -- sad that the paperwork is the part I dread, isn't it?). I have new photos of the baby, so if anyone wants to see them, let me know -- my email is and I'll send you a slide show. Can't attach it here (or I don't know how to).
Hope everyone has a good day. I'm going to try to be better about blogging. I know I'm not getting photos of all the things I'm making, and that's not good for my record keeping! I want to know 10 years from now what I made this year, and hopefully will have improved my skills by then.