Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jax Quilt Show and stuff

So, Diane and I went Saturday to the Jacksonville quilt show and we had a wonderful time. A couple of weeks ago I finished this quilt:

The baby, my wonderful nearly 2 year old granddaughter, Natalya, is still sick and still needs prayer -- she'll eventually require a kidney transplant, and other very major surgeries, but they are holding off as long as they can for her to get as big and as old as possible. She is on the transplant list, and I do worry about her, and about my daughter with all the financial and physical stress of the situation, a lot. On the other hand, my grandson, Ricky, is 10 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICKY!! Ten years old. OMG. Where has the time gone?

So I went to the doctor today. I have great news -- all my blood work is wonderful and for 58 that's a great thing. I saw the dermatologist yesterday and I'm going to be getting my skin under control. One issue -- I am FAT -- yes, I said it, FAT. On the chart for height/weight, I am just a couple of pounds from obese. Yeah, I said that word -- it's killing me, but I said it. And so, the eating plan and exercise program I keep talking about being on (but I'm not really) has to be for real. Despite great cholesterol numbers and stuff, being fat is not good! So, exercise right now -- it's raining out so a walk in the park is out, but I can dance -- and that's what I'm going to do -- before I go finish the cool tote that I bought in Jacksonville. Just need to do the handles and put it all together -- I'm going to try to do better on my blog and I'll post a photo.

If you follow my blog (and why would you?), do me a favor and kick me about my exercise/eating. I'm going to need lots of reminders! I do wish I had an exercise buddy -- that would help. But no excuses -- I quit smoking, I can do this!

Love to all,



Candace said...

I'm glad you got to go to the Quiltfest. One of these days I'll make it. I had ideas of going this year, but again my DH got sick that morning and has been sick ever since. I particularly wanted to see Bonnie Hunter's trunk show Friday at 1:00, did you get to go to that? Your quilt is very pretty. Happy Birthday to your grandson! Natalya and your daughter will stay in my prayers.
Congrats on your good numbers, hope you do better at losing weight than I do. Good to see you posting.

Diane said...

When are you going to get current with your blog? You have done so much great stuff since September. Get on it girl!

Candace said...

Just wanted to drop by and say hi. You're Shakespeare in the Park is awesome. That's been on my list for years, I even bought fabric for it, but in my latest organization project I just mixed it in with the rest of my fabrics. I found the book instructions a bit confusing,, and have been doing other things. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Candace said...

oops, I know the difference between you're and your, guess i goofed.