Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gee, it's only been a couple months!

Since I posted. Let's see. Talya is doing well -- one kidney is up to over 90% functioning and the last test showed the other working in the low teens. They had considered removing that kidney since they didn't believe it was working at all, but with it working some, the plan is a laproscopic surgery to repair it and hope that it, like the other kidney, recovers. She's walking, talking up a storm, and has the bitch attitude of the rest of the women in this family (which is probably what kept her alive during those rough times!), so she's a handful.

My life is pretty dull and boring. I quilt A LOT. I house sat for my friend Diane over the holidays, and she insisted on giving me some gift certificates to some on line fabric stores. I won't need fabric, probably not even backs or anything, for EONS. Which is good, since I've put myself on not only a food diet, but a financial diet, so I need to quit buying fabric. I did fall off the wagon (well before I self imposed it) and bought a batik kit. It's not my fault! I always wanted a batik quilt!

I had to go back to see what I posted last in my quilting, and that was Lynn's quilt. I'm at work, and not sure what I have photos of, but here goes:

This is my first applique -- this is a BOM from Joann's -- it's huge, and would make a humongous quilt -- I have a few more blocks I've purchased -- I doubt this one ever gets past about 5 blocks and a border. . .

So the quilt on the right (at least while I'm creating this post!) is my completed Shakespeare in the Park. My favorite quilt (well Double Delight is close!) and finally one for my bed. This was quilted by my good friend Barb Linares, and as she did on the One Block Wonder and the Double Delight, she did EXQUISITE quilting on the SITP -- which took a quilt I was very proud to have made to a work of art.
Hmmm . . . I don't seem to have photos here at work of several things -- like the placemats I made for Mom, Sandi's crazy quilt pillow, Meghan and Nick's skulls quilt, Ricky and Natalya's Christmas stockings. I KNOW I've been busy -- so where is everything? LOL. I never did take a photo of the applique dog I made at retreat -- and I gave that away for the auction for the Guild. I'm working on a mystery quilt as a tester (OK, so I consider that an honor, even though it's not really!), and Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Christmas (which I am renaming to "Teal Drops"). I've also finished the flimsy of the NYE quilt that Diane and I did together on New Years Day, to which I added 7 more blocks (she added 3 for a baby quilt). That came out to be stunning, so I'll have to add photos of that. I also have my City Scape quilt that is stalled in production, and I never did finish my X-Block, which is very pretty, but I got stuck at borders. So I have PLENTY to keep me busy for the next year!
That's all the news for now -- boring, huh?


Candace said...

Not boring at all, but I am hoping that you post the pictures of all your goodies. Glad Talya is doing better, and I hope that your daughter is, too. Great job on the applique and of course your SITP is beyond gorgeous.

Lesley said...

Hi Billye, Lovely to hear from you again. I so pleased that you, and your family are better. I love your Shakespeare in the Park quilt. I will NEVER be able to complete such an enormous project, but I'm enjoying doing embroidery on a CQ tote bag. It's very slow going though, but luckily with all the snow we've got, it's a good excuse to stay indoors and stitch. By the way, you're never boring. luv Lesley